Ontrack welding & NDE Solutions offers Preheat/ Post weld heat treatment services for the stress relieving of welds and heat affected zone.


Preheating of the weldment area achieves better weld penetration and slows the cooling process, thus allowing added relief of stresses and reduced hardening of the materials.

Post Weld Heat Treatment

As a result of welding processes used to join metals together, the base materials near the weldment, the deposited weld metal and, in particular, the heat-affected zones transform through various metallurgical phases. Depending upon the chemistry of the metals in these areas, hardening occurs in various degrees, dependent mainly upon carbon content. Again, this is particularly true in the heat-affected zone (HAZ) adjacent to the weld metal deposit where the highest stresses due to melting and solidification result. PWHT is designed to relieve a proportion of these imposed stresses by reducing the hardness and increasing ductility, thus reducing the danger of cracking in the vessel weldments.

OnTrack is equipped with advanced automated Heat Treatment equipment and we are executing the job with highly qualified and experienced personnel to meet all kinds of client requirements.

OnTrack provides highly quality Heat treatment services with safety and on time.